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We’re more than halfway into Season 7 of Game of Thrones and we’ve caught up with most of the crucial characters. However, several characters have been MIA since Season 6 and even longer. Here’s a rundown of some key characters we’ve yet to encounter and when we can expect to see them next.

7.) Salladhor Saan

Pirate lord and friend (maybe not) to Davos, Salladhor hasn’t been seen since Season 4 when he assisted in sailing Stannis Baratheon’s men to Castle Black. There’s no guarantee when or if Salladhor will return, but where there is Davos, and money to be had, he will never be too far behind.


6.) Robin Arryn

Robin (or Joffrey Lite as I like to call him) is an impetuous little shit that became Lord of the Veil after Little Finger tossed his mom out the Moon Door. We’ve yet to see him this season, but he’s no doubt central to Little Fingers schemes, so he shouldn’t be out of the picture for long. Whenever he returns, expect to be brief. This kid is not long for Westeros.


5.) Kinvara

Kinvara is a Red Priestess we last saw in the company of Daenerys and Tyrion in Meereen last season. She believed Daenerys to be “the one who was promised” and sought to convince the citizens of Meereen of the same. Kinvara is clearly a woman of deep knowledge, even frightening Varys with the gruesome accounts of his past. Tyrion remains skeptical of her, but her intentions appear to be true, at least for now. We’ve yet to see her in season seven, but Red Women have a way of turning up when you least expect them, often in dramatic fashion.


4.) Jaqen H’ghar

We last saw Jaqen at the business end of Arya’s sword. But rather than fight her, he allowed her to leave The Faceless Men, seemingly impressed with her development. The wonderful thing about Jaqen is that he could be anyone, anywhere, anytime. It seems unlikely he will let his prized pupil stray too far. He’s no stranger to Westeros and could return at any time.


3.) Daario Naharis

Leader of the Second Sons and Dany’s boy toy, Daario was kicked to the curb and left behind in Meereen. He and Daenerys formed a strong bond that extended beyond casual hookups, but that would have only been a liability in Westeros. We’re sure to see him again, but Dany seems to have eyes for another these days and that’s sure to cause conflict eventually. 


2.) Lyanna Mormont

The feisty young Lady of Bear Island was a standout character from Season 6, setting the internet ablaze due to her take-no-shit attitude that belied her youth. She’s one of Jon Snow’s most ardent supporters, all the stranger she was absent while the perpetually grumpy lords of the North were throwing mad shade at Jon last episode. It’s impossible to think this fan favorite character won’t be back sometime very, very soon.

Editor’s Note: Although briefly, Lyanna has appeared this season. Ooops!


1.) Benjen Stark

The fate of Benjen Stark, First Ranger of the Night’s Watch and brother of Ned Stark, was revealed last season when he aided Bran and Meera in escaping a group of wights. An encounter with a White Walker killed him, but he was spared the fate that usually follow thanks to intervention from the Children of the Forest. Benjen between death, not a wight, but not alive, and can’t venture south of the Wall. With Jon Snow’s party venturing beyond the Wall in the coming episode, it’s all but certain Benjen will return and Jon will be reunited with his beloved uncle. Hopefully, he will be able to pass on knowledge that will help Jon in the war to come. 


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