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With filming currently underway on Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios wanted to give fans a glimpse at what’s in store, surely inducing raging nerd-boners in the process. The video opens with the trio of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt, and Tom Holland on the Atlanta film set discussing what will be the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Infinity War will see the Avengers joining forces with the Guardians of the galaxy to defeat Thanos (Josh Brolin), a powerful despot bent on destroying the universe. Nearly a decade in the making, Infinity Wars will be an epic clash beyond most fan’s wildest dreams. Involving nearly every hero in the MCU, from Spider-Man to Rocket Raccoon, it’s the biggest comic book movie even ever attempted. Watch the video below and weep tears of joy.



Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled to be released on May 4th, 2018 and will star *deep breath* Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Bettany, Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlet Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olson, Paul Rudd, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Torro, and many, oh so many more.

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