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It’s another very quiet week for releases with the only one of note being Luke Scott’s directorial debut, Morgan, opening in theaters today. The film stars Kate Mara as corporate troubleshooter called to assess the situation in a secret laboratory after a scientist is injured by a highly developed human specimen called Morgan. The film also stars Paul Giamatti, Jennifer Jason-Leigh and the always watchable Toby Jones, but most interesting to see will be Anya Taylor-Joy in her first proper Hollywood role as the eponymous human lab rat since she impressed so much as the young protagonist the acclaimed The Witch earlier this year.

Early word isn’t great for the film -it’s currently at 43% on and the genetically enhanced killer female concept hasn’t exactly wrought great success in the past either as the last movie to toy with the subject, Splice, didn’t even manage to break even back in 2009 despite generally positive reviews. That said a lack of competition can only help Morgan but it would be a surprise to see it take more $10 million this weekend.

Box Office Predictions

So with Morgan unlikely to be breaking the bank over the weekend, the number 1 spot will almost certainly remain with Sony’s Don’t Breathe. After knocking Suicide Squad off the top with its impressive $26 million haul last week, it’s being predicted it’ll take an approximate 50% drop in ticket sales this week but it should still hold on to its current position.

The other potentially interesting news for the box office this week could be Disney’s decision to put Finding Dory back on wide release for one week only. As the highest grossing animated ever in the US already, one would think there can’t be too many people who haven’t already seen it and such rapid re-releases have only managed modest returns in the past. But Disney is obviously confident it can generate a few more million on repeat viewings and Pixar’s latest did receive a lot of praise and love on its initial release, so it’s  a pretty safe bet to see the film returning to the top 10.

Likewise, Sony will try to wring a little bit more out of their Ghostbusters remake as that increases its current screenings by 50%. Again, the lack of fresh content this week may tempt a few more to see what all that fuss was about earlier this year but there certainly won’t be enough of them to help the picture reach the $300 million Sony had hoped for with its current worldwide gross sitting at $220 million.

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