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Each week brings a round of new comic book releases. We discuss the best offerings from each major publisher that deserve a spot in your collection.


BOOM! Studios – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Hendry Prasetya

What if we told you Power Rangers would made for one of the most satisfying reads of last year? Stop laughing. Seriously, the ongoning series from BOOM! is a faithful and loving retelling of the insanely goofy original television series. Back then no one could have imagined the franchise would sustain for 25 years, but here we are. Kyle Higgins’ story treats the property with an almost unbelievable amount of reverence, but still keeps it a plucky read that doesn’t take itself too seriously.



DARK HORSE – Angel Season 11 #2

Written by Corina Sara Bechko

Art by Geraldo Borges

Listen, I have a soft spot for the Angel TV series, and comics based on them was always going to be an easy for me. The fact that Bechko handles the characters in a way that feels true is just icing on the cake. Dark Horse’s treatment of the Buffy franchise truly feels like they’re trying keep fans of the show happy. Even with that in mind, these comics should feel like they’re long in the tooth (no pun intended) by now, but they’re kept fresh enough to keep the magic running strong.



DC – Super Sons #1

Written by Chris Burnham, Dennis Culver, Peter J. Tomasi

Art by Jorge Jimenez

Seeded in the pages of Tomasi’s Superman title, Super Sons is one of the most anticipated titles of 2017. The dynamite chemistry between Damian Wayne and Jon Kent is just insanely fun. Even more so than their famous fathers, these two young heroes are at the opposite ends of the spectrum in both personality and temperament. They’ll have to overcome this to make an effective crimefighting duo and that journey is certain to be a quality read.



DYNAMITE – James Bond Hammerhead #5

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Luca Casalanguida

I could wax poetic all day about this series of, but why waste the word count? It’s Bond. The story is fun. The art is great. Read it.


IMAGE – The Walking Dead #164

Written by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charlie Adler

Well, the ol’ proverbial is hitting the fan for Rick Grimes and company, but what else is new? Alexandria is overrun, again, with the undead and the it’s uncertain who has survived. It’s up to Maggie to find out. There’s two issues of TWD this month, a perfect tandem as the hit AMC series also returned this week.



MARVEL – Spider-Man #24

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

If years ago you would have told me I’d recommend a Spider-Man comic based on the Clone Saga, I would have strangled you to death in a violent fervor. But damn it, Dan Slott has managed to craft a compelling mystery with The Clone Conspiracy. Once again he proves that he’s a writer willing to take a seemingly reprehensible concept and craft an interesting story out of it. Read it just so you can hate yourself a little.


That does it for this week’s selections. Visit again next week for more recommended reading. 


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