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Each week brings a round of new comic book releases. We discuss the best offerings from each major publisher that deserve a spot in your collection.



Written by Dennis Culver, Joshua Williamson

Art by Alejandro Aragon, Amancay Nahuelpan

Boom’s Robocop series from Dennis Culver is a visceral, violent love letter to the original 1987 film its based on. Robocop has been pitted amidst an uprising in Old Detroit that will test how far he is willing to go in order to restore law.


DARK HORSE – American Gods Shadows #1

Written by Neil Gaiman

Art by P. Craig Russell

American Gods gets a live action treatment courtesy of Starz this year, so naturally a tie-in comic was to be expected. ‘Shadows’ will follow the plot of the series, but fear not, original creator Neil Gaiman is scribing this himself. The man never disappoints. Be sure to check it out.


DC – Batman # 19

Written by Tom King

Art by David Finch

Bane’s reign of terror on Gotham is heating up and Batman finds his back against the wall. While the ‘I AM BANE’ arc has experienced some ups and down’s so far, King’s story feels poised to crescendo in a big way. Issue #19 promises to be a pivotal chapter in the series.


DYNAMITE – Vampirella #1

Written by Paul Cornell

Art by Jimmy Broxton

Comic’s most iconic bloodsucker is back! This time she awakens 1000 years into the future to find humanity is very different than what she remembers. This new take on the character likely won’t win over the Vampirella purists out there, but it make pique the interest of those looking for something less, um, gratuitous than the usual depiction of the character.


IMAGE – Sex Criminals #17

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Chip Zdarsky

We’re we just talking about gratuity? No, you must be mistaken. All smut aside, Sex Criminals has been a truly excellent comic from one of the best writers in the games. Matt Fraction shows us how the other side lives in this issue as we walk the beat of the cops tasked with stopping the titular nookie crooks. Be on the look out for a special variant cover from Gina Wynbrandt too steamy to show here!


MARVEL – Amazing Spider-Man #25

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Stuart Immonen

Don’t let the $9.99 price tag shock you. This baby here is a special 40-page issue. It features not one, not two, but three Spidey stories in one neat little book. The always terrific Stuart Immonen also takes over art chores with this issue. All of this goodness makes for the best offering from the House of Ideas this week.


That does it for this week’s selections. Visit again next week for more recommended reading. 

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